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Legislative Drafting

We have provided wide-ranging services within the
public sector, which include, amongst others, the
interpretation and drafting of primary and secondary

We were appointed by the Department of Transport
to draft the first national Rail Bill and have also
participated in developing regulations in the Railway
Safety Regulator Act.

We are drafting the Outdoor Advertising Bylaws for the
City of Johannesburg and the policies related thereto.
Our instruction also includes assisting the City of
Johannesburg with various legislative processes such as
stakeholder engagements and public consultations until
the enactment of the bylaw.

Legislative Drafting Cover

contact Head of Expertise:

Tshiamo Sedumedi

Managing Director

B.Proc., LLB and H.Dip in Company Law – University of the Witwatersrand

Tshiamo has a broad spectrum of legal skills and expertise, in particular employment law, procurement law and transport law.

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