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Commercial & Corporate Law

We pride ourselves on the vast experience and knowledge that our professionals have mastered in Corporate and Commercial Law. We have a proven track record in carrying out Corporate and Commercial Law transactions, particularly advising on restructuring or institutional review processes, conducting due diligence investigations and providing legal opinions on Corporate and Commercial Law related transactions.

We offer a full spectrum of Corporate Law services and assimilate legislative changes such as the latest developments in the Companies Act and King Code. Equipped with this expertise, our Commercial Law team is capable to navigate through governance issues and business rescue related matters, to name but a few. We have a long history of successfully advising companies and organs of state on issues relating to corporate governance, restructuring or repositioning of public entities and Competition Law. Our involvement has entailed, amongst others, the following:

  • setting up corporate legal entities in line with the applicable legal framework;
  • drafting of the Corporate Governance Framework and Board Induction Manual in line with the principles of corporate governance and applicable legal framework;
  • drafting of the constitutive documents and necessary agreements such as memorandum of Incorporations, Shareholder Compacts, Shareholders’ Agreements, Sale of Shares Agreements, Event Management Agreements, Term Loan Facility and Security Documents;
  • Providing company secretariat services;
  • Ensuring that our clients’ corporate structure and governance comply with the law governing organs of state whilst at the same time enabling them to participate in the commercial world;
  • Advising the board of directors and its sub-committees to comply with the Companies Act, the King Code on Corporate Governance and other instruments dealing with good corporate governance for public sector entities;
  • Providing directors of companies with guidance as to their duties, responsibilities and powers in terms of the Companies Act;
  • Making shareholders and directors aware of any law relevant to or affecting the company; and
  • Drafting necessary resolutions as required by the MOI and the Companies Act.

MNS Attorneys has the capacity and experience to successfully handle litigious matters such as contractual disputes, complex commercial disputes and debt collection.


A contract about to be signed. MNS attorneys has extensive experience in corporate and commercial law.