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At MNS Attorneys we draw on our more than 100 years of combined experience to deliver innovative, world-class legal advice to our clients.

Our commitment to obtaining the best legal outcomes, and our unwavering focus on customer service drives everything that we do. Our approach to complex legal challenges is to acquire a keen understanding of our clients’ needs, and combine this with our determination to use our multi-sector legal expertise to arrive at the best possible solutions.  

Our excellent legal counsel in our areas of expertise is renowned, and has fuelled our growth alongside that of our client base, which includes companies, government departments and municipal entities.  

As a black-owned law firm, our goal is to be the best of a new breed of legal practice and to lay down foundations that can be built upon by the next generation of black lawyers. Our “Vision 2020 and Beyond” strategic plan is geared towards our goal of becoming the clear leader among black law firms in South Africa.

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“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but rather we have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit.”

– Aristotle


MNS was established in 2002, as a partnership between Mncedisi Ndlovu and Tshiamo Sedumedi. We were then incorporated in May 2004 as the embodiment of the founding partners’ desire to advance the black legal profession in South Africa.

In just 22 years, we have grown into a well-regarded and unerringly professional law firm with wide-ranging public and private sector expertise.

Our growth mirrors that of the black legal profession, and symbolises the new opportunities available to lawyers from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

It is our belief that our growth depends on the growth of our clients and team members, and we encourage and incentivise every member of the MNS Attorneys family to continue with their personal and professional development as we continue to build a powerhouse of black legal expertise.

Our Vision

To be the leading black law firm in South Africa and to deliver world-class legal expertise.

Our Mission

To timeously provide legal expertise of the very highest standard, and to be relentless in our pursuit of positive outcomes for our clients, enabling them to focus on delivering their business goals.

Our Approach

Our integrity and diligence sets us apart, as well as our stated goal of providing educational and professional opportunities to young black lawyers, and promoting the entire black legal profession. We combine hard work and professionalism with a keen appreciation of our obligations to the next generation of South African lawyers.


In today’s high-pressure, deadline-driven world, attention to detail is often the first casualty. While we ensure we always deliver on time, this is one area in which we refuse to compromise, and we are known for the care we take over our work, its quality and its impeccable accuracy.


In our quest for positive outcomes for our clients, we actively explore innovative approaches that best fit our clients’ objectives and corporate cultures. We seek to equip all our attorneys and staff with the skills they need to succeed, and the personal and academic development of our entire team is always high on our agenda. Our determination can be seen in our vision for the future of not just our firm, but the entire legal profession.


Ultimately, law is a means to an end and we never lose sight of our clients’ goals. Late delivery in our world is as calamitous as no delivery at all, and we always look to avoid embarking on long, drawn-out and expensive legal processes that are in no-one’s best interests.

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